Lakshadweep in Indian union territory, India



Lakshadweep is a 32 square kilometer union territory. It is an archipelago made of 36 islands. This serene union territory is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. It has 10 inhabited islands, 5 submerged banks, 3 reefs, and 12 atolls. The beaches and turquoise water can give the beaches in the world a big competition.
How to reach Lakshadweep
The distance from the western coast of India is 400 km. Passenger ships from Cochin leave every day. It takes 14-20 hours to reach Lakshadweep. It has an airport in Agatti connected with Kochi Airport. A helicopter can be hired to reach this destination from Kochi. The islands are interconnected by ferry services and helicopters.
Best places to visit Lakshadweep
  1. Minicoy Island - This is a small islet in the archipelago offering beautiful resorts for a nice getaway.
  2. Agatti Island - This is one of the coral islands comprising white beaches and blue-green water. The island can be explored on foot or by renting a two-wheeler.
  3. Bangaram Island - This is a very small island matching the pleasures of Caribbean holidays. It has a beautiful lagoon and a beach resort to enjoy your days.
  4. Kavaratti Islands - White sand coral beaches and lagoons are what you going to find on this island.
Do’s and Don’ts of traveling to Lakshadweep
Always confirm your reservations beforehand. Carry your toiletries, medicines, and cosmetics. Do not litter and pollute the environment. Corals and wildlife should not be disturbed. You can drink alcohol only in Bangaram. Bare swimming is absolutely prohibited.
Major activities to do in Lakshadweep
You can snorkel in Agatti and do scuba diving on Kalpeni Island. You can also go fishing with the guides on Kadmat Island. Kite surfing is also done on this island. Minicoy Island is ideal for canoeing. The Marine Museum in Kavaratti Island is a must-add destination.
Suitable time to visit Lakshadweep
The right time to visit this archipelago is from October to May. The advent of the monsoon season makes island hopping and ferrying much difficult. The weather remains almost the same across the year except in the monsoon season.

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