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Kerala, a southern state in India is well known for its backwaters. Backwaters are a network of interconnected brackish water lakes and canals lying parallel to the Arabian Sea coast. The backwaters are a popular tourist destination in Kerala.
The backwaters were formed by the action of waves and tidal surges on the coastal sands. The network of canals and lakes extends almost 500 km, from the northern tip of Kochi to the southern tip of Alappuzha. The backwaters are a unique ecosystem with a large number of aquatic plants and animals.
The backwaters are used for transportation, fishing, and tourism. There are numerous villages along the backwaters. The people in these villages depend on the backwaters for their livelihood. The backwaters are a major tourist attraction in Kerala. There are numerous tourist boats that ply the backwaters. The backwaters are also a popular destination for houseboats.
The backwaters are a picturesque sight. The canals are lined with coconut trees and the water is a beautiful shade of blue. The backwaters are a must-see for anyone visiting Kerala.

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