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Introduction Covering an area of more than 600 hectares, Yuexiu Park is one of the largest and most popular parks in Guangzhou. The park is home to a number of attractions, including the Zhenhai Tower, the Five Rams Sculpture, and the Sun Yat-sen Monument. History Yuexiu Park was first established in 1594 as the Yuexiu Garden. The park was extensively renovated and expanded in the 1930s, and was renamed Yuexiu Park. Attractions Zhenhai Tower The Zhenhai Tower is a five-story tower located in the center of Yuexiu Park. The tower was originally built in 1380 as a military outpost, and later served as the home of the Guangdong provincial government. The tower is now open to the public and features exhibits on the history of Guangzhou. Five Rams Sculpture The Five Rams Sculpture is a statue of five rams that is located in the northwest corner of Yuexiu Park. The statue was originally erected in 1278 as part of a temple complex, and is now a popular tourist attraction. Sun Yat-sen Monument The Sun Yat-sen Monument is a memorial to Sun Yat-sen, the founder of the Republic of China. The monument is located in the center of Yuexiu Park and is surrounded by a large square.
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There is no bad time to visit Yuexiu Park. However, the park is at its busiest during the weekends and holidays.

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