Mae Hong Son

About Mae Hong Son

Mae Hong Son province is located in the northwestern part of Thailand. The province is bordered by Shan State of Burma to the north, Chiang Mai and Lamphun provinces to the east, Tak and Mae Sariang provinces to the south, and the Salween River to the west. The province covers an area of 11,370 square kilometers and has a population of about 269,000. The provincial capital is Mae Hong Son town. The province is mostly mountainous with some valleys.
The highest mountain is Doi Inthanon at 2,565 meters. The province has many rivers, including the Pai, Mae Nam Khwae Noi, and Mae Nam Mo. The climate is cool and dry. The average annual temperature is about 18 degrees Celsius. The rainy season is from June to October. Mae Hong Son is a popular tourist destination. The main tourist attractions are the Doi Inthanon National Park, the Mae Hong Son loop, and the many Shan and Karen villages.

FAQ's on Mae Hong Son

1. What is the best time to visit Mae hong son?

The best time to visit Mae hong son is from November to February when the weather is cool and dry.

2. What is the local food in Mae hong son?

There is no definitive answer to this question as Mae Hong Son is a diverse region with many different types of local cuisine. However, some of the most common local dishes in the area include various types of curry, pork or chicken dishes cooked in bamboo shoots, and steamed rice with pork or chicken.

3. What are the places near Mae hong son?

Nearby places include Chiang Mai, Pai, and Mae Sariang.
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