The Bus Service From Delhi to London Via 18 Countries in 70 days

The Bus Service From Delhi to London Via 18 Countries in 70 days

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Travelling is something that everyone enjoys doing. People are becoming more interested in travel and trying new ways of vacationing, which is why the tourism business is rising every year. Another thing that we Indians are enthusiastic about is travelling abroad, however travelling abroad may be a lengthy procedure that involves changing flights and boarding multiple times, which is annoying. Furthermore, when we talk about travel, we mean exploring everything that resides between cities and countries, which is impossible to do when flying. There is a bus service that takes you on wheels from Delhi to London via 18 different countries in 70 days to solve all of your issues at once! This opportunity will not only allow you to tour every part of the countries in between, but it will also fulfil your long road trip dreams.

On the India-Myanmar border, adventure overland has scheduled the resumption of its bus services from Delhi to London. This service, which would provide state-to-state service from Delhi, is anticipated to begin in September of this year. In 70 days, the bus will travel over 20,000 kilometres. The cost of the entire road journey from Delhi to London will be 15 lakh rupees per person, including tickets, visas, and lodging in numerous countries.

This is the second time a bus service along this route has been launched. The first occurred in 1957 when a British company started buses running from Kolkata to London through Delhi. Following an accident, this bus service came to a halt. This same bus service firm rebranded as Albert tours and resumed service with double-decker buses between Sydney, India, and London, which likewise came to an end following the India-Pakistan conflict in 1976.

This new bus service will go through Myanmar, Thailand, China, and Kyrgyzstan on its way to France. In addition, a cruise ship will be included in this trip for the purpose of crossing the English Channel. This will be used to transport the bus from Calaris, France, to Dover, England, and will take around two hours.

This bus will contain a total of 20 seats, with each passenger having their own cabin. Dining, drinking, and sleeping facilities will be available on this bus service. To ride on this bus, all you need is your important documents, including your visa.

This bus service could be a game-changer in terms of travel because it allows passengers to go on wheels from India to London, seeing every stop along the route. Do not pass up the chance to experience the world through your own eyes; I am sure that the road trip will be well worth the money.

The Bus Service From Delhi to London Via 18 Countries in 70 days
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