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Pay with TripClap is your trusted payment companion, offering a secure and seamless transaction experience. With a focus on payment protection, we ensure that your financial transactions are safeguarded at all times. Enjoy the flexibility of multiple payment options, including UPI, major credit/debit cards, net banking, and an array of wallet choices. Our commitment to world-class security guarantees peace of mind when purchasing from our extensive network of verified travel partners across India. Rest assured, all our partners undergo stringent KYC procedures, ensuring a reliable and trustworthy payment environment. Receive detailed receipts and vouchers directly from our partners post-payment for added convenience and transparency.

Verified Agents
Happy Travellers
Safeguard your transactions with various payment options, top-notch security, and trusted partners. Enjoy convenient receipt and voucher management for hassle-free transactions.
Payment Protection
Use Pay with TripClap and secure your Payments.
Multiple Payment Options
UPI, All major credit/debit cards, net banking and wallet options available.
World Class Security
Buy from our travel partners across India with our secure payment network.
Premium Partners only
Buy from Verified, KYCed travel partners only.
Get receipt of your payment
Receipt, Vouchers will be shared by our travel partners post your payment.
How It Works
Finalize your deal
Deal is finalized with our premium travel partner.
Get Payment Link
Premium travel partner sends a payment link or you pay directly on his profile page.
Pay Securely
Pay using your preferred payment method.
Your Payment is completed
Premium travel partner receives payment. He shares vouchers, receipt with you.
Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)
Answer : No, when you use 'Pay with TripClap,' you are not paying TripClap directly. You are making a payment to the travel agent or partner who is providing the tour package. TripClap acts as an intermediary to facilitate the payment process on behalf of the travel agent.
Answer : No, TripClap does not take responsibility for the tour package services provided by the travel agent. TripClap's role is solely to facilitate the payment process. The quality, fulfillment, and any issues related to the tour package are the responsibility of the travel agent or partner.
Answer : No, TripClap is not a travel agent. It is a tour package marketplace and payment gateway service that connects travelers with travel agents and partners. TripClap does not provide tour packages or regulate the services offered by travel agents.

Q. What's the role of TripClap in 'Pay with TripClap'?

Answer : TripClap's role in 'Pay with TripClap' is to provide a secure and convenient payment platform for travelers to make payments to travel agents for their chosen tour packages. TripClap acts as an intermediary to process and facilitate these payments, ensuring a smooth and reliable payment experience.

Q. Does TripClap charge for this service to travelers?

Answer : The specific fee structure may vary, but typically, travelers may be charged a convenience or transaction fee for using 'Pay with TripClap.' This fee covers the cost of processing payments and maintaining the payment platform. Travelers should review the terms and conditions to understand the exact fee structure.

Q. Does TripClap charge for this service to travel agents?

Answer : TripClap may charge travel agents or partners a processing fee for utilizing the 'Pay with TripClap' service. This fee is typically associated with the payment processing services provided and is negotiated between TripClap and the travel agents or partners.
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