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Cardiff is the capital city of Wales and the largest city in Wales. It is located in the south-east of Wales on the Bristol Channel. Cardiff is the country's chief commercial centre and the most popular tourist destination in Wales. Cardiff is home to the Welsh Assembly and the National Assembly for Wales. The city of Cardiff has a population of approximately 350,000.
The Cardiff area has been inhabited since prehistoric times. The first written record of Cardiff is from the 10th century. The Normans built a castle in Cardiff in the 12th century. In the early 15th century, the city was seized by the English. The city's defences were strengthened in the early 16th century. Cardiff was captured by the Welsh in the 16th century, but was recaptured by the English in the 1640s. The city was made a county borough in 1889.

The city's economy is based on service industries, tourism, and the manufacture of electronics and steel. Cardiff is home to the Welsh media and the BBC Cymru Wales headquarters. The city has a number of universities, including Cardiff University and the University of South Wales.
Cardiff is a popular destination for visitors. The city's attractions include the Cardiff Castle, the National Museum of Wales, the Millennium Stadium, and the Cardiff Bay development.

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