How To Reach Vikramgad

How to reach Vikramgad by flight

The nearest airport to Vikramgad is the Mumbai airport. Mumbai is the commercial capital of India and is well connected to all the major cities in India. There are numerous flights from all the major cities in India to Mumbai. Once you reach Mumbai, you can take a taxi or bus to Vikramgad.

How to reach Vikramgad by road

The nearest town is Palghar and the nearest railway station is Vikramgad Road Railway Station.

How to reach Vikramgad by train

One can reach Vikramgad by train from Mumbai and Pune. Vikramgad is well connected to Mumbai and Pune by trains.

Local transport in Vikramgad

There is no local transport in Vikramgad. However, there are several private operators who provide bus services to different parts of the town.

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