Places to Visit in India for Makarsankranti

Places to Visit in India for Makarsankranti

Makarsankranti is an old age traditional Hindu festival that is celebrated with great avidity in India. This festival is dedicated to Lord Sun. Early morning devotees offer special prayer to the lord sun and take bath in the Ganges. It falls every year on 14th January, it also marks the end of the winter season and the start of the harvesting season. Makar Sankranti is celebrated in many parts of India with full enthusiasm. Every state has its own traditional way to celebrate the festival, some take a dip in the holy water, some by flying kite, and some by visiting different Mela. We have curated a list of places in India where makarsankranti festival is celebrated in a magnificent way.

1. Haridwar (Uttarakhand)

The religious and holy place in Uttarakhand situated on the banks of the river Ganga. In Haridwar, the Makarsankaranti celebration is of great importance. Several pilgrims visit the place to offer their prayers. On the day of Makarsankranti, it is auspicious to take a dip in the Ganges. Ganga Arti during the evening is definitely not to be missed on this special occasion.


2. Amritsar (Punjab)

A day prior to Makarsankranti, Lohri is celebrated on 13th January every year in the states of Punjab. A huge born fire is organized and the entire community people gather to pray. Through this celebration, they express their happiness and welcome the season of harvest. They dance and sing around the bonfire and exchange sweets made of jaggery. This is also a form of showing warmth towards their relationship. Therefoer, It's a must place to experience on makarsankranti.


3. Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

The city of kites and that is what Ahmedabad becomes on the day of Makar Sankranti. From markets to skies, the entire city is covered with colorful kites. There is an old age belief towards this tradition. It is said that flying a kite would make people come out of the house on Sun which helps in preventing skin diseases. The kite festival is a grand fest in Gujarat and one should definitely experience the enthusiasm among the people of Gujarat.


4. Mysore (Karnataka)

A city of kings and queens. The rich heritage and tradition of the city are clearly visible through its architecture. On Makarsankranti people clean their porch and decorate it with rangoli. Prayers and mantra are chanted to worship the God of Sun. People express their gratitude to the Lord for his blessings on the crop yield and with the hope that it will continue to be good. A sweet made of sesame seeds, jaggery, coconut, and peanut is made, which is then exchanged with near and dear ones. So if you are a foodie and love experiencing new sweet dishes, you should visit Mysore during makarsankranti.


5. Kolkata (West Bengal)

The city of joy also celebrates the festival with different varieties of sweets. It is also called posh Sankranti. People began their day by bathing in Ganga and offering prayer to the Sun god. A very different variety of sweets are prepared and shared with family and friends. It is also known for the very famous Ganga Sagar Mela which is held as the second largest after “Kumbh Mela”. In West Bengal traditional sweets like Puli & Pitha are made by using fresh palm jaggery which is the yield of the season. All sweet lovers can't miss visiting Kolkata during makarsankranti.


6. Guwahati (Assam)

Like every other Indian state, Assam also celebrates the festival of Makarsankranti and is known as Magh Bihu or Bhogali Bihu. The rich culture of Assam and its essence is purely visible in the celebrations. Differents variations of rice are made in form of Pitha (traditional rice sweet dish). In Assamese culture, a born fire is made of bamboo and leaves known as Meji in the local language which is burnt early in the morning. Simultaneously they worship God and pray for prosperity. So if you love experiencing different culture, visit Guwahati during makarsankranti.


7. Prayagraj (Uttarpradesh)

In Uttarpradesh, Makar Sankranti is also referred to as Khicheri. On this day people of UP prepare a savory dish called Khichdi made of rice and Urad dal. It is first offered to god and then distributed among family and friends. Early morning people take bath in the holy river Ganga and offer their prayers to God. During this day people also donate food and clothes to the poor and needy ones. Last but not the least, is the Ganga aarti which is held during the evening hours and is a must watch during makarsankranti. Don't forget to visit Prayagraj next time.

Different state has its own culture and tradition to follow, but the essence of the festival remains the same. Wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous Makar Sankranti.

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Author: Nupur Choudhury

Bio: A quintessential Bengali, currently living in Bengaluru. She is a Hotel Management Graduate with past experience in Sales and Digital Marketing. A food enthusiast, who loves to cook and bake too. Currently writing travel blogs for Tripclap.
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