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Ashoka Pillar

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Sarnath is located about 10 km from Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. It is an important Buddhist pilgrimage site and is where Gautama Buddha first taught the Dharma. The Ashoka Pillar at Sarnath is one of the most important and best-preserved pillars of the Mauryan period. It is also the place where the Buddhist Sangha was first established.

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The Pillar

The Sarnath Ashoka Pillar is a large stone column located in Sarnath, India. The pillar was originally erected by the Indian emperor Ashoka in 249 BC, and it is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The pillar is decorated with a variety of carvings, including a lion capital at the top.


The Sarnath Stupa is a Buddhist shrine located in the Sarnath district of Uttar Pradesh, India. It is said to have been built by the Mauryan Emperor Ashoka in 249 BCE. The Stupa is said to mark the spot where the Buddha first preached the Dharma after his enlightenment.

Archaeological Museum:

The Archaeological Museum at Sarnath is one of the most important museums in India. It was founded by the British archaeologist John Marshall in 1910. The museum is home to a large collection of Buddhist sculptures and art from the Gupta period.

Best Time To Visit Ashoka Pillar

The best time to visit Ashoka Pillar is during the winter season.

How To Reach Ashoka Pillar, Sarnath

You can easily reach the Ashoka Pillar, Sarnath by bus or taxi from Varanasi.

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