Famous food of India

Famous food of India

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As we all know India is a country of different religions and cultures and the same goes for food. India loves different kinds of foods and If you are coming to India then your India visit is incomplete without Indian spicy foods. Every state has its speciality and unique food choices. There is a massive variety of food that is Punjabi, Rajasthani,lakhnavi, haidarabadi, south Indian and much more. In this article, we are going to let you know the famous food of India.
Famous food of India


Samosa View Gallery - 9
Let's start our list with the first one which is the samosa. During the 13th and 14th centuries, samosa was brought up in India by central Asia. It is alleged that samosa was introduced by the central Asian traders or immigrant chefs who came to India for occupation. 
These chefs used to cook in the royal kitchens of the Delhi sultanate. The Abbasid era poet Ishaq al-Mawsili was the first one who mentioned sanbusaj and Arab cookery books have the recipe of sanbusaj, sanbusak and sanbusaq.
Many great scholars of the 13th and 14th century like amir khusro, and Ibn Battuta has mentioned the different type of samosa made of meat, almonds, walnuts and spices.
There is a vast variety of samosas in India. A samosa can be vegetarian or non-vegetarian it depends on its stuffing. In the East Indian states Assam, Jharkhand, Bihar, and west Bengal, singers are famous which is a different type of samosa made of potatoes and cauliflower. It is a tea-time snack same as samosa taken with chutney, sauce or chaat masala. In Hyderabad Andhrapradesh, lukhmi (another type of samosa) contains the stuffing of mincemeat and has a thicker crust is another variant of samosa.
In south Indian states samosa is slightly different in taste and folded in different ways. Our Indian birthday parties are imperfect without samosa. You can find samosa in every state at any shop as it is well-liked. Samosa is filled with spiced potatoes, peas and spicy ingredients and after this stuffing, it is fried.
Restaurants in India where you can get the best samosa
Manohar Dhaba - 
It is famous for serving japani samosa which has 60 layers of flour. With a lip-making stuffing of potatoes and spices, this samosa has gained popularity in India. Manohar dhaba is serving their japani samosa since 1949. Its location is No 38,240, Diwan Hall Rd, Bhagirath Palace, Chippy Wada, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi. 
Shahi Samosa -
 As it is clear from its name shahi samosa is the shop that offers the tastiest samosa in India. Shahi samosa is serving this tasty samosa since 1984, although they have a variety of snacks besides samosa. Its location is 95/B clock Tower Rd Nai Saral, Rawaton Ka bass, Kandoi Bazar, jodhpur 342001.

Aloo Paratha

Aloo Paratha View Gallery - 9
The next one on our famous food items list is aloo paratha. Paratha is the only thing that makes the Indian breakfast complete. Well, aloo paratha is made of mashed spicy potatoes. The origin of paratha(flatbread) is Peshawar Pakistan. 
It was famous in south Asia and after that, it comes to the Punjab region of India. In 12th century the king of southern India king someshwara III mentioned the Sanskrit word parathas (that which exhilarates the mind) in his book manasollasa for the very first time.In Punjab paratha has gained much popularity as they have a vast variety of stuffing.
It is made with ghee and butter. Not only in India and Pakistan paratha is famous in Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka also.The stuffing of a paratha makes it different. There is a vast variety of paratha stuffing like gobhi, carrot, cauliflower, onion, sev etc.
A deep-fried paratha stuffed with eggs is Mughalayi paratha which is famous in west Bengal, Kolkata. Paratha made of spicy aloo stuffing served with butter and dahi is much more popular in Punjab. There are a variety of parathas but the aloo paratha holds the top position among all parathas.
Aloo paratha is made with a stuffing of mashed potatoes, spicy ingredients and wheat flour. Aloo paratha is generally served with pickle, chutney or curd. 
One can get the best aloo paratha in India at 
Punjab house restaurant-
It is the best restaurant for aloo paratha lovers. For those who want to taste the Punjabi traditional lassi and delicious aloo paratha then this place is for you. The address of Punjab house restaurant is 40/2475, Broadway, Ernakulam, Marine Drive, Kochi, Kerala
Murthal -
Murthal is a village in the Sonipat district of Hariyana. This place is known for its mouthwatering parathas in India. One can have different types of parathas here with their friends and family. It is located 6 km north of Sonipat district on NH1.


Jalebi View Gallery - 9
When it comes to the sweet dish the only thing which comes to the mind of every Indian is jalebi. The circular shape of the jalebi makes it attractive. The exact origin of jalebi is not known but western Asia, Africa and the Indian subcontinent is the place where jalebi is taken as a sweet dish.
The word jalebi is taken from the Arabic word zulabiya or the Persian word zolbiya. The recipe and ingredients of jalebi are also found in the Sanskrit work gunyagunabodhini. In Bangladesh jalebi is known as jilapi which is taken as snacks and in Pakistan jalebi is a special dessert which is always available at weddings, parties and functions. Jalebi is found in western Asian countries like Yemen, Egypt, and Syria with different shapes, names and recipes. There is variation in the recipe of jalebi in Arabic and African countries. 
In India, this sweet dish is taken as a snack which is prevalent in every state. From Uttarakhand to Kerala it is equally popular in India. In 1889 in Jabalpur Hariprasad badkul invented the jalebi made from khoya or mawa.
it is made of a batter of besan flour, water and baking soda which is fermented for several hours. This fermented batter is poured in a concentric manner in hot oil and putting it with sugar solution for some minutes gives a crispy taste. Hola! Your deep-fried jalebi is ready now.
Famous restaurant for getting the best jalebi in India
Gurdas ram jalebi wale 
Gurdas ram jalebi wale is the world-famous shop of jalebi, where you can get the tastiest jalebi in the world which is made of pure desi ghee. It's very near to the golden temple and for those who come to visit Amritsar then this restaurant is a must-visit place for all food lovers. its location is Katra Ahluwalia, Near Golden Temple, Town Hall, Amritsar, Punjab
The Ram Bhandar
Banarasi sweets hold a special place in Indian desserts and The ram Bhandar is proving it right. The legacy of tasty jalebi can be seen here as this shop serves the best jalebi in India. Besides jalebi, this shop is famous for aloo kachori, ras malai, laddus and many more. Its location is 15/29 Katra Ratanlal, Thatheri Bazar, Chowk, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.

Chhole bhature

Chhole bhature View Gallery - 9
Spicy chana masala with deep-fried poori is known as Chhole bhature. The origin of this renowned dish in India. It is said that Uttar Pradesh or Delhi is the place where chhole bhature originated. It is a Punjabi dish but it is eaten all over India.
It is said that chhole bhature was invented in Delhi in the 1940s. It is usually taken with onion, lemon and pickle. Chhole bhature is taken as a snack and as a full meal too. Deep-fried puffy bhatura with spicy and tangy chana masala is the most delicious dish you can have in India. This chana masala is made of boiled chickpeas with earthy ingredients.
It is served with onion, lemon and puffy Bhatura. It can be considered the all-time preferred food of Indians. Chhole bhature gives the acquaintance of rich food culture of India. 
India's famous restaurant where you can get the best chhole bhature
Sita Ram Diwan Chand
Sita ram diwan chand is a legendary shop of chhole bhature famous for its best taste in whole India. Sita ram diwan chand is proving themselve the finest shop by providing the best Hospitality, Ambience and taste. 
Location - 2243 Rajguru Road Near Imperial Cinema, Paharganj, New Delhi 110055 India.
Baba Nagpal Corner 
Whether it is rajma chawal, shahi paneer rice or chhole bhature baba Nagpal corner is the best place for all foodies. This restaurant has a renowned place in serving chhole bhature. You can estimate the popularity of this shop by the lined-up people in front of this shop. 
Location - 7/25 Old Double storey Ground Floor Near Gurudwara, New Delhi 110024 India.

Pani Poori

Pani Poori View Gallery - 9
One of the most common street food of India is Pani poori which originated in Uttar Pradesh. Pani patashe, Gupshup, phuchka, and golgappa are the different names of panipuri depending on the region. It is known as gupchup in Odisha, pani patashe in Madhya Pradesh, pani poori in Maharashtra and pakodi in Gujrat. Not only in India but it is also eaten in Pakistan and Nepal.
Deep-fried crispy poori which is made of semolina and plain flour is the main portion of Pani poori. This crispy poori is filled with mashed potatoes, chaat masala, chilli powder, onion, chickpeas, tamarind chutney and flavoured water.
There are a no. of spices which are used to make different flavoured water. The taste of pani poori is a combination of both sour and sweet which makes you fall in love with it instantly. 
You can get the world's best panipuri at
Elco pani poori centre
Elco pani poori centre is the best restaurant to bring the delicious taste of spices to any party, celebration or family gathering. It is the best restaurant to taste mouth-watering pani poori and fast food in India. 
Location - 2 /A Elco Marlet, 46 Hill Road, Bandra (west), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050
Sindh pani poori house 
Crispy poori with tangy water panipoori in Sindhi style is the main attraction of this restaurant. Undoubtedly this restaurant is the centre of pani poori lovers. Sindh pani poori house is worth a visit.
Location - Shop No. 13 , Chembur Colony, Dr Choitram Gidwani Road, Chembur, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400074


Dosa View Gallery - 9
Whether it is south, north or west dosa is famous in all parts of India. In ancient Tamil around the 1st century, the dosa was in use according to the Sangam literature. According to food historians, Dosa originated in the town of Karnataka. Someshwara III the Chalukyas king had also mentioned the recipe of dosa in Manasollasa.
After the independence of India the popularity of dosa was not restricted to the southern part of India it spreads to the northern part as well. There is a no. Of variations in Dosa plain dosa, egg dosa, wheat dosa, adai, dosa, Kadapa Karam dosa, Mysore masala dosa, onion Rava dosa, neer dosa, buttermilk dosa etc are some popular variations of dosa.
Besides all these dosa masala dosa is a renowned and most commonly eaten dosa which is stuffed with spicy potatoes.
It is a popular south Indian dish which is made of fermented rice and lentil batter. The main ingredient of dosa is urad dal and rice. A thin crepe of dosa is served hot with mashed masala aloo, coconut chutney or sambar. 
Best restaurants for having amazing dosa in India
Anna ka dosa
For those who want to try the best south Indian cuisines then this place is for you guys. Anna ka dosa is an overall package of taste and pocket-friendly food. The lip-smacking taste of dosa has made this restaurant the best place for dosa lovers. 
Location - Shop 2, Krishna Market, near Desh Bandhu College, Kalkaji, New Delhi
Central Tiffin Room
Central Tiffin Room or Sri Sagar hotel was established in the 1920s by Y. V Subramanyam. It has won the hearts of food lovers by serving the amazing dosa in India. It is a must-visit place for all foodies. 
Location- 7th Cross Rd, Malleshwaram, Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560003 India

Idli sambar

Idli sambar View Gallery - 9
If we are talking about famous food in India then our list is imperfect without idli sambar. The origin of idli sambar is India. Idli sambar is a prominent breakfast snack in India. This breakfast snack is famous in south India and Sri Lanka.
Idli is made of fermented black lentils and rice. Several ancient Indian kinds of literature state the presence of idli in ancient food items. Manasollasa the ancient Sanskrit literature has also an idli recipe. The earliest name of idli was iddarika in Karnataka.
There is a saying that idli belongs to the Gujrat too. Idli is mentioned as being in a Gujarati work Varnaka Samuccaya. There are variations in idli like Rava idli, Idli upma, Sanna, and Kotte kadubu. It is taken with sambar, coconut chutney and rasam. 
This is the best-known south Indian food. Idli sambar belongs to the southern region of India and is taken there as breakfast. Idli is a steamed cake which is fluffy and soft. Idli is served with sambar. Sambar is made of many vegetables like guard, lentils, onion, and tomato which makes its texture so well. As we all know Tamil Nadu is famous for serving delicious idli sambar and 
One can get the lip-making idli sambar at 
Triplicane ratna cafe

If you want to eat lip-smacking typical south Indian food then this place is for you. The taste of idli sambar in this restaurant has left its footprints in the field of south Indian food. 
Location- 45/1, Mount Poonamalle High Road, Devi Nagar, Near Kerala Jewellers, Porur, Chennai (Madras) India. 
Sangeeta Veg restaurant
Sangeeta veg restaurant is an overall package of delicious food and excellent services. Freshly prepared south Indian food at remarkable prices has made this place a go-to restaurant in Madras. 
Location - 71st Main Road, Chennai(Madras) 600020 India.


Rasgulla View Gallery - 9
When it comes to the sweet dish then Bengali sweet has never disappointed anyone and rasgulla is one of them. Nabin Chandra das 1868 invented rasgulla in Kolkata. and after that, it becomes famous in other Indian states as well as neighbourhood countries.
Famous Rasgulla is made of milk and sugar. As it is made of milk which is rich in calcium thus it makes the bone and teeth strong. Fluffy syrupy rasgulla is served at room temperature and hot or cold temperature too. 
To wolf down the best rasgulla in India, one must go to 
K C das rasgulla 

This shop is the origin of rasgulla itself, imagine eating rasgulla at its birthplace is an amazing experience. legacy of Bengali sweet rasgulla can be seen here.
Location-Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Road opposite kali ghat, Kalighat, Kolkata west Bengal.

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