Goalpara is a small town located in the Goalpara district of Assam, India. The town is known for its tea production and is a popular tourist destination.

Some points of interest in Goalpara include:

- Kamakhya Temple: A Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess Kamakhya.

- Assam State Zoo: A zoo located in Guwahati, Assam, India.

- Sukreswar Temple: A Hindu temple located in Goalpara, Assam, India.

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FAQ's on Goalpara

What is famous about Goalpara?

Goalpara is a district in the state of Assam in India. The town of Goalpara is the district headquarters.

What is not so good about Goalpara?

There is no good or bad about Goalpara. It is just an administrative district in the state of Assam, India.

Who should visit Goalpara?

Tourists looking for an offbeat destination, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, should visit Goalpara. The town is home to several interesting tourist spots, including the Kamakhya Temple, the Goalpara Church, and the Dudhkumar River.

What is the best time to visit Goalpara?

The best time to visit Goalpara is from October to February.

What is the local food in Goalpara?

The local food in Goalpara is rice, fish, and vegetables.

What is the best way to reach Goalpara?

The best way to reach Goalpara is by bus. There are regular buses from Guwahati, the capital of Assam.

What are the things to do in Goalpara?

Some of the things to do in Goalpara include sightseeing, visiting the temples, going on hikes, and enjoying the natural beauty of the region.

What are the places near Goalpara?

Goalpara is located in the state of Assam in India. Some of the nearby places include Guwahati (98 km), Dhubri (101 km), and Shillong (157 km).

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