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Unakoti is a small town located in the North Tripura district of Tripura, India. It is known for its ancient Hindu temples and rock carvings. The town is about 30 km from the state capital Agartala. The temples are said to be around 1,000 years old, and the carvings are thought to be around 2,000 years old. The most famous of the temples is the Unakoti Trimurti, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The other temples include the Kanchivaram temple, the Pancha Pandava temple, and the Surya temple. There are a number of rock carvings at Unakoti, including images of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, and various other Hindu deities.

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FAQ's on Unakoti

1. What is famous about Unakoti?

Unakoti is a Shaivaite pilgrimage site in the Indian state of Tripura. It is famous for its rock carvings, most of which are in the form of Lord Shiva.

2. What is not so good about Unakoti?

There is not much that is not good about Unakoti. Some people may not like the fact that it is a bit out of the way, and it can be difficult to get to.

3. Who should visit Unakoti?

If you are interested in religious sites, and want to see a large and impressive rock carving, you should visit Unakoti.

4. What is the best time to visit Unakoti?

The best time to visit Unakoti is during the winter season.

5. What is the local food in Unakoti?

The local food in Unakoti is rice, fish, and vegetables.

6. What is the best way to reach Unakoti?

There is no best way to reach Unakoti. It all depends on your starting point.

7. What are the places near Unakoti?

The places near Unakoti are Agartala, Kailashahar, Udaipur, Kamalpur, and Dharmanagar.

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