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Only a few hours’ flight from Istanbul and you will find yourself in the sun-drenched city of Antalya. Antalya is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey, and with good reason. It is blessed with stunningly beautiful beaches, a Mediterranean climate, and a wealth of cultural attractions.
The city is located on the Turkish Riviera, and stretches for about seventy kilometers along the coast. It is flanked by the Taurus Mountains to the north and the Mediterranean Sea to the south. The city is bisected by the river Köprüçay, which is spanned by an impressive Roman bridge.
The old town of Antalya is a delight to explore. It is crammed with winding streets, Ottoman-era mosques, and lively markets. The city is also home to a wealth of ancient ruins, including Hadrian’s Gate, the Yivli Minaret, and the Olympos Ruins.
The beaches of Antalya are some of the most beautiful in the world. The city enjoys a Mediterranean climate, which means long, hot summers and short, mild winters. The beaches are busiest in the summer months, but they are still worth a visit in the winter, when you can enjoy the peace and quiet and the warm sunshine.
Antalya is a city that has it all – stunning beaches, a temperate climate, a rich history, and plenty of cultural attractions. It is no wonder that it is such a popular tourist destination.

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