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The Cappadocia region in central Turkey is one of the most beautiful and striking in the world. The landscape is dominated by a series of tall, steep-sided volcanic cones and ridges, formed by ancient eruptions and now covered in a thin layer of soft tufa rock. This makes for some stunning scenery, with the honey-coloured rocks contrasting sharply with the deep blue sky.
The region is also home to some fascinating historical sites. The ancient city of Göreme, with its churches and monasteries carved out of the rock, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the city of Konya, with its massive Seljuk-era mosque, is well worth a visit.
But the main attraction of Cappadocia is the natural scenery. There are plenty of opportunities for hiking and trekking, and the area is also popular with cyclists. Or you can simply relax and take in the views from one of the many restaurants and cafes that dot the landscape.
Whatever you do, make sure you visit Cappadocia. It's a beautiful corner of the world that's definitely worth exploring.

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