Monsoon Season in India - The Best Reason to Plan a Trip

Monsoon Season in India - The Best Reason to Plan a Trip

So back during childhood days, the rainy season was special because of the unexpected holiday from school. Honestly, those used to be the happy moments, and the rains also bring backs the nostalgia.

Making small paper boats, dancing, and showering in the rain are some fond and cherishable memories for a lifetime. Monsoon in India is a celebration of “Savan ka Mahina '' which means rainy season in Hindi. This season brings a huge sigh of relief from the scorching heat and humid summers.

Garam Chai” “Pakoras' and Long drive with soft music are the most desirable needs of this season. Nature blooms and blushes in this season, surrounded by greenery and misty clouds. With the earthy fragrance of the soil, the thunder sound, and the magical lightning, the monsoon is filled with the beautiful essence of nature. The rains are also a personal favorite of our Bollywood industry, almost every movie has some melodious soundtrack dedicated to “Baarish”.



Now if I have given you enough reasons to fall in love with this season. Let me tell you how wise it is to plan a trip during the monsoon. Know the reasons, plan your trip, and thank us later!

Less crowd 

In India, the Monsoon season begins in June and ends in September. These months are also considered the off-season for hotels and resorts because fewer people travel. Due to COVID, it is very important to not indulge in crowded places. Thus planning a trip during monsoons is highly recommendable as it surely checks this point of a very important safety norm. 

With a gradual decrease in cases and the opening of many tourist places, it is best to give yourself a break from isolation and mundane life.


As I mentioned earlier that these months are off-season for the hospitality and tourism industry. Thus the Flights and accommodation costs reduce to half and this I say from my own experience. I worked in a well-known resort in Goa and to attract more travelers the resort would offer heavy discounts and great package deals during monsoons. You may even get an upgrade on your room or flight seat.

Travel plans during these months not only give you a reasonable flight rate but also provide you a stay at some great property with luxurious rooms and even suites and that too without making a dent in your budget.

Perfect Scenic Views

The beauty of nature is enhanced during the monsoon. The heavenly waterfalls, magnificent view of mountains, lush green forests, beautiful rivers, gorgeous beaches, and mesmerizing lakes every sight is breathtaking. 

Perfectly refreshing and dust-free weather to wander. Traveling in the monsoon gives you the chance to experience and embrace the splendid sights of nature.

Best lighting for pictures 

A perfect picture is a need for those Instagram posts which describe your travel. Monsoon season has perfect natural light with the subtleness of the cloudy weather. The Sun rathers has a huge amount of brightness which fades out the charm of a picture. Cloudy weather works as a natural filter and enhances the color and skin complexion.

Plus we look more fresh in monsoon because of the pleasant weather instead of drenched and dull in our own sweat in summers. Who needs a DSLR or photo filter app when nature gives us the free service of beautiful light and location in this weather. And as shared earlier with lesser people traveling during this season offers you privacy in tourist spots that are mostly packed during the season. 

Benefitting the local market 

The tourism industry has suffered a huge loss during the Covid. This also resulted in a deep impact on the local markets as their business sustains purely on tourists. Thus traveling during this time when the season is low will be of great help in supporting the locals to build up their market.

From prettiest landscape to complete private locations along with some delightful pictures for you hashtag travel and monsoon diaries with a stay at a reasonable rate. Monsoon makes it totally the best season with some great reasons to plan a trip.

Picture courtesy: @passingthroughthis_realm @dhavalrvira @jigyasa_suryawanshi

Author: Nupur Choudhury

Bio: A quintessential Bengali, currently living in Bengaluru. She is a Hotel Management Graduate with past experience in Sales and Digital Marketing. A food enthusiast, who loves to cook and bake too. Currently writing travel blogs for Tripclap.
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