Top 5 Destination Management Companies of Australia

Top 5 Destination Management Companies of Australia

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The destination management company firstly emerged in the USA because of an increasing number of agencies in this particular area. The destination management company is expressed as a professional company in management specialising in the design and delivery of tours even local transportation and other different activities based on local knowledge and expertise. 

DMC provide the overall information of resources to individuals who are planning to have a tour locally, in a specific region or outside the country.  Destination management companies provide services to individuals to meet their travel needs. Their activities are designed in such a way as to take your headache out from your local or international trip and to help you in enjoying the full of your vacation. 

By choosing the right DMC one can easily plan their trip to a specific country or local region. DMCs not only maintain and manage all your requirements but also focus on the interest of individuals. Destination management companies play a huge role in the field of travel and tourism as they showcase tour packages in a structural way in which the tourist do not have to worry about their accommodations or events. 

The foremost objective of destination management companies is to fall in with the wishes of customers so that they can explore the places without any difficulty. There are several destination management companies in so many countries that make travelling easy for individuals and leisure groups. And one must keep in mind the below things while choosing a destination management company.

  • Financial stability
  • Contacts
  • Reputation
  • Resources
  • Reliability
  • Reviews of other customers
  • Company’s experience 
  • Check the Licenses

DMCs are good at planning and bringing the local vendors and working teams to work into a program. If you are planning to go on a vacation to Australia then this article will help you to let you know the top 5 destination management companies in Australia. 

1. Ovation Global DMC
2. Noosa DMC 
3. DM Concierge Australia and New Zealand
4. Global Tour Specialist
5. 39 Degrees south

1. Ovation Global DMC

Ovation Global DMC is a destination management company founded in 1988. And every year this company manages and executes 250-500 events. Ovation Global has now become a brand name in the travel industry. Association, Corporation and Agencies these three words can entirely describe the services offered by ovation global. This company is providing their services in 100+ destinations( for more than 25 years) throughout South America, Asia, the Middle East, North America and Europe.

 There are many services offered by ovation global as it is a leading company in destination and event management across the world. Services offered by ovation global are Destination consultancy based on local knowledge, helps in the suitability and selection of destinations, match the destinations to meet the event objectives of individuals, they search the suitable venue and accommodations for a better experience.  

They are not only providing services to travellers but also to those who want to plan an event at a specific destination. They provide incentive programs, themes, decoration and production to meet the objectives. This company always wants its customer's heads to be held high as they manage all the prerequisites and needs of every function, social activity, entertainment, and Accommodation in an environmentally friendly manner. And the great part is that they execute the program and manages stuff as per your budget.


2. Noosa Destination Management Company

Noosa is a destination management company which offers 360-degree management and support for your events, and functions in the splendid Noosa and the coastal region of Australia. Noosa destination management company manage 50 to 100 events every year. Noosa was founded in 2015 and the size of this company is 1 to 5. 

The motto of Noosa destination management company is to ensure a win/win situation for the partners they work with. Noosa works dedicatedly for specific locations like the sunshine coast and the Hinterland region of Australia conference. If you are willing to plan a trip with your friends and family then the Noosa destination management company will be the cherry on the cake for you. They not only provide marvellous customer service they also promise to transcend expectations. 

Noosa offers airport arrival and departure facilities as well as welcome packs and gifts. There is a wide range of ground transfers from normie cars to outstanding limousines. Their list is endless as they offer tours including Australia zoo, sea life, Sunreef swim with the whales, Aussie world, wine tours and many more. They offer other activities too like horse riding, SUP, jet skiing, Learning to surf, Deep sea diving, Golf, jet boat rides, yoga, Everglades kayaking and much more. 

And if you want to do any other activity besides these activities then you can tell them too. Like any other destination management company, Noosa also looks after restaurant booking, programs and events. As it is clear from the above details Noosa also organises on and off-site themed stunning dining experiences. Noosa has set its name by providing team-building activities too for its clients. 


3. DM Concierge Australia and New Zealand

If you are heading to the Australia and New Zealand trip then you are at the right place. Dm concierge is a destination management company that proffers world-class services to its customers and companies throughout Australia and New Zealand. They manage corporate events, group Travel, conferences, business travel, exhibition and golf events too.

When you are willing to go on a trip then you will need an experienced guide in Australia and New Zealand then DM Concierge is the best option for you as they provide half /full day/weekly tours to  Australia and New Zealand and for these tours, they provide excellent guides who answer all your questions and cooperates with you. Even you can hire your guide as per your requirements. From arriving at the airport to your departure flight DM Concierge will be available to you 24/7. DM Concierge offers general day tours of Melbourne, Grampians National Park, Yarra Valley/ Mornington Peninsula Winery Visits, Dandenong Ranges, Philip Island and Great Ocean Road etc.


4. Global Tour Specialist

Global Tour Specialist is a destination management company. "Creating memories out of Dreams" this lines can truly explain the role of this company in the tour and travels business. They always make sure that you have a truly unique experience with them. Global Tour Specialist manages 10 to 25 events every year.

 It was founded in 2009. With the 10 to 25 company-size global tour specialist Destination management company listen to your desideratum and function appropriately. They offer a full range of events, and inducement services from event management to transfers, guides and on-site staff as well for the while away of customers. Sometimes While travelling to a different country you can be in a fix but the global tour specialist's team is always there to hold you up. 

With experienced team members, this company always focuses on small details like valuable local knowledge, apprehension of distance and arrangements. To change the tour of customers into an unforgettable memory is the only duty of this company. Their highly dedicated team ensure all the facilities from arrival to departure of their customers. 

With all the past year's experiences and events, global tour specialist has built irreplaceable relationships with major airlines and hotels to fulfil all the luxurious requirements of their individuals and corporate companies. The vision of a global tour specialist is to be the number-one destination management company in Australia. Global Tour Specialist also won the award of gold business excellence tourism in 2017 and 2018. 


5. 39 Degrees south

39 degrees south is a destination management company that set off on the behalf of international travel agencies as their local travel partners. This company coordinates all the arrangements for your guests in Australia. 39 Degrees south manages 10 to 25 events every year. With a company size of 1 to 5, it was founded in 2013. Besides all other destination management companies, the company offers an iconic train journey in Australia and to make your Australia tour wonderful it also offers the signature experiences program. 

This program is for those travellers who are seeking destinations closely related to their area of interest. They provide an end to end solutions for all whether they are individuals, groups, couples or conferences. With great experience and dedication, the company's team is always ready to provide extraordinary services to individuals. 

For making your leisure the best experience it offers itinerary planning, classy accommodation, transportation, entertainment, event management, multi-cuisine necessities and flawless execution of tours for groups and individuals. 39 Degrees south always ensures individuals rely on them for quality services. This company offers train journeys to Ghan, Indian Pacific and great southern. And also provide experienced and well-qualified multilingual speaking guides. 

39 Degrees south is a member of 

  • National Tour Association the USA
  • ASTA
  • Associate Member of the United States Tour Operators Association 
  • Australian Tourism Export Council 
  • Certified Aussie and Tassie Specialist 
  • And the finalist of the 2020 and 2021 Australian small business champion Awards in Tourism. 

By choosing the right destination management company one can hand over all their worries related to their trip. Hope this article will help you to plan your Australia trip.


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