A Travel Guide to Digha

A Travel Guide to Digha

If you love to devour the tranquil blue sea with your eyes, if your ears find to soothing to listen to the waves roar , if you want to witness the orange sun melting into the sea from a pearly- gray beach in a romantic evening , Digha will be your one stop destination.
About the place- Digha is a town located on the coasts where land of West Bengal meets Bay of Bengal. Located in Purba ( North ) Medinipur district it is a popular tourist spot due to its shallow sand beach and relaxing climate.

Reasons you should visit Digha

Reasons you should visit Digha
Spending a few days In Digha will let you experience the pure beauty of nature without sacrificing the need or comfort of technology. It is a very well developed and well maintained beach town that has a shallow sea level and soft sand . The hotels and resorts are well equipped and has lodgings for every type of budget holders. Besides you can visit a lot of interesting places near the town that will surely be worth all the efforts and money. Digha is a land of cashew nut trees is also famous for its cottage industry of products made of sea shells, snails, pearls etc. that has developed in and around the town . In addition to the mesmerizing golden sunsets, pearly dawn and sweet breezy evenings Digha is home to several interesting and fun destinations.

An important fact to be mentioned about Digha is that it has two main beaches old and new. Though both the places are equally beautiful and have facilities like hotels, resorts, restaurants and transportation there are few things that make them different and are important to consider before planning a trip. New Digha is two kilometers away from Old Digha and less crowded. However the old beach is full of huge rocks which very often cause injuries and accidents whereas the beach of New Digha has been totally cleared of them. 

Places to visit in and around Digha:

Places to visit in and around Digha:
•    Marine Station/ aquarium of Zoological Survey of India: being the largest inbuilt aquarium in India , MARC( Marine Aquarium cum Regional Centre) houses aquatic creatures like Sharks, sea snakes, lobsters, sting rays , butterfly fishes, horse shoe crabs and a variety of uncommon sea creatures.

•    Udaipur Beach- Located at the border of Odisha and being 3 kilometers away from Digha station the beach is perfect for dreamers. Leaving behind the noises of crowded claustrophobic life you can actually enjoy the tranquility and serenity the beach has in store for you. Apart from swimming or walking It offers a number of adventure sports options like speed boat or banana boat, bike ride along the beach etc. you can easily find decent lodging options along with exquisite delicacies in the roadside hotels and restaurants. You may also be delighted to witness some of the most uncommon sea  creatures like star fish, red crabs, tortoises etc.

•    Shankarpur Beach: Located 15 kilometers away from the town of Digha, Shankarpur is famous for its fishes. It exports sea fishes to places in and out of Bengal and is not as popular tourist spot as Digha. One can enjoy sunbathing on the beach surrounded by fish boats and rows of trees and farms and visit some of the local temples.

•     Talsari beach- with it coconut, palm and cashew trees Talsari Beach is a mini Hawaii in India. It is located at Baleswar district of Odisha and is 10 kilometers from Digha.One can enjoy walking on the lonely beach or take a boat ride .

•    Chandpur Beach – with its emerald green water and less crowded beach Chandpur is a wonderful place for therapeutic relaxation. Its banks have been a little eroded by sea waves.

How to reach Digha

in case you live outside Bengal you have to reach West Bengal first by Airway and land in Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport or take railroad to reach Howrah/ Sealdah station. After reaching Kolkata you can take the following ways to reach Digha:
By road: You can easily book a car or a cab or take a private or government bus from Esplanade in Kolkata. The two places are well connected by a highway covering a distance of around 183 km and takes around 4 hours to reach the place. The main bus stops on these routes are Burdwan, Sahispur and Madhupur. 
By Train: There are quite a few Express trains like Tamralipta Express, Kandari Express , Duranto Express etc. from Sealdah that takes around 2 and a half hours to reach Digha railway station. Other than that there are local trains that you can take without any prior reservation. After reaching Digha railway station there are rickshaws or autos that will take to the sea beach resort. 
By Air: the nearest airport to Digha is in Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport therefore you will have to reach Digha either by rail or road.

Distance from

Kolkata- 183 kilometers

Best time to visit Digha

Due to its location beside the sea , Digha has good moderate climate for the greater part of the year. The months of October to February ,when the temperature of the place lies between 3°C and 28°C,are the best time to visit the sea shore resort town. It is a bit warm in the months of March to June as the temperature of the place is around 30°C. 


Digha is well known for its exotic sea food. From small food stalls on the beach to exquisite restaurants, one can relish a wide range of sea delicacy at any corner of the town. The sight of tempting Sea Fish, crabs, lobsters will surely bring water to your mouth. In case you are not too fond of them or are vegetarian, there are plenty of other food options starting from basic Indian food to Continental as most of the restaurants are multi- cuisine. The price ranges are quite affordable and flexible.


there are more Hotels and resorts in Digha than Houses of local residents. It is advisable to have a prior booking especially if you are coming on season but you can find any place to stay even if you haven’t. The lowest cost of staying in this sea side town is around Rs. 350 for a night and can extend to Rs 1000 to Rs 2000

Author: Ambushree Mondal

Bio: Ambushree is a commerce student having immense interest in writing creative content on varied genres. She has worked with quite a few organizations and has been well appreciated. She is enthusiastic and versatile as she loves to explore and master different genres of writing. https://www.linkedin.com/in/ambushree
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