List of 10 important things not forgetting to carry while trekking in monsoon

List of 10 important things not forgetting to carry while trekking in monsoon

One of the exciting and challenging tasks while making a trip is backpacking. What are the important things to carry while trekking or hiking? Every time one and other thing either I overlook or miss to add in my backpack. Here, I will let you know what are the essentials for trekking? So that your mother won’t shout at you for forgetting major things and asking her later!
We reach a point while trekking or traveling where we could no more underestimate the power of sword and needle. If you are traveling with your thrilling company, then you should also take your helping friends (essentials) with you. 
Remember that: 
“Precautions are always better than cure”

List of important things to carry while trekking is:

List of important things to carry while trekking is:


  1. Personal documents:

At some places and at some times, it is crucial to carry ID proof with us. So do not forget to keep safely your Identity Card with you. I always keep it with me. 


  1. Backpack:

Make your trek easy with a backpack, for an organized packing backpack is the best alternative. Use this backpack of broad belts that will be easy to carry loads.


  1. Clothing:

Whenever we stroll and explore nature, it mesmerizes us in such a way that we get to mix up with the natural environment. Sometimes we feel uncomfortable in those muddy or wet clothes. Always keep extra tees, trek pants, or trousers. Additionally, keep a raincoat, cap, hat,  


  1. Footwear:

To shift your attention from shoe bites to the aroma of lavish nature, you have to take special care of the footwear you will wear while trekking. Wear comfortable trekking boots or shoes of proper size.


  1. Water bottle and Snacks/Dry fruits items:

Water is the Elixir of life. I know you won’t miss it carrying. These dry items are best to provide instant energy and Yups! Easy to store.

6. Medicines/ first aid kit:
Glucon D, ORS, Electrol, antiseptic, bandages, towel, napkin, etc. Medicines like paracetamol, Take Care Of Yourself and Your Team. 


7. Health/ Hygiene:
Add menstrual products in your cart, dry garbage bag, plastic bags to keep wet clothes. 


8. Navigation:

Printed maps, Atlas, GPS will assist you in your way.  


9. Tools and Gadgets:
(you will hate missing these items) Add multitasking Swiss knife handy toolkit, torchlight with extra batteries, power bank fully charged, and most mandatory camera




Author: Srushty Soni

Bio: A poet, currently living her fantasy in Ratlam. She is an undergraduate student pursuing her major in English. She is an avid reader and someone who weaves words together magically. Currently working with Tripclap as a content writer.
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