Rebook your flights: the best international trips to take this summer

Rebook your flights: the best international trips to take this summer

After a long overhaul of two years, the international flights were finally reopened. The openings not only help the airline industry to regain its footing, but they also allow netizens to visit their dream destinations. According to the most recent information, foreign flights will resume full service on March 27th, 2020. According to the news article, nations such as Egypt, France, Lebanon, and Turkey are among those where an RT-PCR test is not required. However, if we look at the big picture, 2022 will be a happy year for netizens since they will be able to travel both domestically and abroad with fewer limitations.

If 2021 was mainly about domestic travel, 2022 has clearly impacted tourists with the urgency of international travel. Experts predict that 2022 will be the "GOAT," or "greatest of all travels," with a lot of expenditure and planning. The new behavioural change is considered a way to forecast the unexpected and cross items off one's bucket list without much analysis. While most nations have eased limitations, selecting the ideal vacation can be tiresome and difficult at the same time. As a result, we've done our homework and compiled a list of summer-vacation spots for you. So grab your passport and buckle up for a high-flying adventure!



With an exotic setting, the ancient city with Islamic inscriptions and its unique rock formation provide a dreamlike resemblance to Aladin's tales. The location is an intriguing culmination of exotic culture, and Turkey's history makes it unavoidable. Apart from the popular hot air ballooning trips, which provide a surreal sketch of the vineyards, valleys, and caves with encryption, this place holds stories that will fascinate every tourist. The place is rich in cultural aspects; therefore, tourists are mostly seen buying some of the most brilliant handicrafts or nourishing themselves with some lip-smacking dishes like meze, kebabs, and pide. One of the features of this place is the cave hotels with private hammams.

Visit anytime between April and May, or September to October, to feel the rustic ambiance.


If you are planning to visit a place with pleasant weather, then Prague should be on your wishlist. The surreal place is everything that your mind wanders to. Summer is boosted by tourists in the summer, which will electrify you with energy. A clear, bright morning, a warm sunset on the riverbanks, and a Spanish synagogue will entice you to visit. Accept the challenge of witnessing Old Town's history, which will make you fall in love with the area. Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, Old Town Square, and St. Vitus Cathedral are some of the most well-known landmarks in the neighbourhood. It is recommended that visitors take a stroll along the Vltava River to enjoy the nice weather. Visit restaurants at night to sample the best of the cuisine.

Visit anytime between May and September to be pumped up with culture.


Summer is one of the most popular periods to visit Scotland since it is one of the best times to see the country's natural splendour. It is the ideal time for individuals to be outside and enjoy the tranquility of nature. Scotland is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United Kingdom because it mixes historical mystic appeal with a breath-taking countryside experience. Edinburgh and Glasgow are two prominent tourist destinations where visitors are awed by the surroundings. Furthermore, the colourful expanse of gorgeous lochs, mountains and highlands, miles of coastline, and quiet beaches add a strange and mystical element to the experience. To make it a memorable experience, one must take part in the traditional events.

Visit anytime between June and August to be enlightened by the history of Britain.

New Zealand

If you want to experience winter in the summer, New Zealand is the place to go. Because it is located in the southern hemisphere, it experiences winter when Asia experiences summer. The area is noted for its picturesque splendour, with a lengthy stretch of eye-pleasing landscape that makes it a great place to unwind. Given that the location is an island, you can explore the area by kayaking, snorkelling, sailing, or swimming. Surfing is popular in places like Raglan, Taranaki, and Mount Maunganui. Coromandel, Northland, Abel Tasman National Park, and climbing on the historic Franz Josef Glacier are just a few of the areas in New Zealand where you may enjoy the turquoise water and breathtaking views.

Visit anytime between February and May to witness the pleasant weather.

Las Vegas

Summer is the least popular time to visit Las Vegas. Because it will enable guests eager to discover the world's party capital with an affordable budget, pools during the day and nightclubs and casinos at night. So, what's the harm in going fully crazy and losing those stress-relievers?

Apart from partying, Las Vegas has a number of classic locations that will make you want to photograph the surroundings right away. Some of the notable spots to visit in Las Vegas include the Hoover Dam, Bryce Canyon, Red Rock Canyon, Mob Museum Las Vegas, and the ghost town of Rhyolite. Another popular attraction in Madalay Bay is the Shark Reef, where visitors may see sharks swimming. There are plenty of other exciting activities to partake in, making this trip one of the most exciting of all.

Visit anytime between March and May to enjoy a perfect party vacation.



Colorado's summer call is the blue sky and cool evenings. The pleasant weather of the summer will make you explore each and every part of the place. Colorado is known as a summer haven, with a plethora of activities to choose from. Hiking, mountain biking, fly fishing, horseback riding, and other activities are available to explore the area. Apart from its rich natural components, the location provides a magnificent stay for honeymooners, ensuring a memorable stay. It is undoubtedly one of the world's top summer holiday destinations.

Some of the places to see include Cave of the Winds in Manitou Springs, Rocky Mountain National Park, Aspen, Colorado Springs, and Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.

Visit anytime between March and May to be a part of this magical excavation.


Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers one of the most tropical vacations that someone may have in Europe. Ideally, the location would have two seasons. The summer season, which runs from January to April, and the rainy season, which runs from May to December, are two distinct seasons. Costa Rica is an excellent summer holiday destination if you want something less crowded and full of natural beauty. Nonetheless, throughout the summer, the location offers the best deals on air fares and tour accommodations. One of the interesting truths is that rain can fall even in the summer, allowing nature to bloom even more. The sight of a waterfall and the freshness of nature can instantly calm tensions.

The place is popular for whale watching tours in July. One must head to Uvita and Dominical to witness the magnificent arrival.


The summer months in Mauritius are ideal for vacationers because of the tropical climate. If you enjoy the beach and coral, Mauritius is the place to go in the summer. The location allows visitors to participate in a variety of adventurous activities that will keep them occupied like never before. Snorkeling, hiking, and scuba diving are just a few of the activities available. Apart from that, the area is known for its tea plantations and shopping sprees. Another famous biodiversity location to visit is the Black River Gorges National Park.

Visit in the month of April to May to witness the best of the summer version of Mauritius.



What could be more alluring than a clear blue sky above you and a panoramic view of pastel-hued buildings with the ocean rippling in the background? Well, that's summertime in Italy for you! It's one of those rare occasions when the country transforms into a fantastical reality. Italy offers the best of the activities to undertake that will guide you through the country's amazing history and culture. In Venice, take a gondola ride and learn about the history of St. Mark's Square. Taste wine in Sorrento, hike in Cinque Terre, ride through the Tuscan hills, savour a perfect pasta feast in Florence, immerse yourself in Rome's history, and so much more.

Visit in the months of April to June to experience the wonders of Italy.



Whether you enjoy history or want a relaxing vacation, Greece is the ideal summer vacation destination. With its stunning landscape, rich culture, and captivating history around every corner, Greece will be the most exciting tourist destination ever.

Visit anytime between May and October and witness the beauty of the place. Most folklore festivals are held in July and August, so if you want to witness the actual soul of Greece, go during those months.


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