Tibetan Prayer Flag - A symbol of positivity

Tibetan Prayer Flag - A symbol of positivity

I have often seen people hanging the Tibetian Prayer flag on their bikes or at the entrance of the house. The unaware me would think that these colorful rectangular pieces of cloth are hanged by people who have done a trip to Leh Ladakh.

And this is how they pay homage to their trip. Little did I know that this is not some fancy accessory that is bought back home as a souvenir. Instead, the Tibetian prayer flag has a profound meaning. It is an ancient way of sharing positivity. There are basic facts about this magical Flag and one must know them before hanging it.

Decoding the Color of the Flag

Decoding the Color of the Flag

The hanging of the Tibetian Prayer flag is over a 2000-year-old tradition. The flag consists of five colors, Blue, White, Red, Green, and Yellow. These colors are associated with nature’s element and represent the same, Blue represents Space, White represents wind, Red represents Fire, Green represents Water, and Yellow represents Earth.

Tibetian believe that a perfect balance of all the five elements is required for health and harmony. Thus the five colors on the flag are positioned from left to right in a particular order. 

Mantra on the flag and what does it means

Mantra on the flag and what does it means

The Tibetian prayer flag has a mantra or syllables of words printed on each color of the flag. “Om Mani Padme Hum” is the mantra of the bodhisattva of compassion. Each syllable or word has a significant meaning.

Om is a divine utterance, it unites the mind and body. Mani means Jewel or fortune, Padme defines lotus flower which means enlightenment, and hum means determination. This mantra is chanted for wisdom, peace, strength, and compassion. 

Traditional beliefs and Practices

Traditional beliefs and Practices

The Tibetians strongly believe that the mantras are a great source of positive energy. It spreads goodwill and compassion in the space through the wind. In short, the sacred words on the flag is a great tool to share positive vibes with the world.

You must have noticed that the mountains are always beautifully decorated with these colorful flags. As a tradition, they keep mounting new flags, an act of renewing their hope. In Tibet, old flags are replaced with new flags on the occasion of the Tibetian New year.

The Tibetan prayer flag should never touch the ground as it is considered to be disrespectful. Thus if you plan to hang it, then you must hang it above the doorstep as it will bring positivity inside the house.

Even the flag’s fading of color is considered a good sign and the flag should never be still. Thus it should be placed in such a place where there is always wind. 

An Ideal gift 

An Ideal gift 

If any friend of yours has gifted you a Tibetan Prayer flag from their trip to the mountains. You should consider it good luck. It is very auspicious and getting it as a gift is considered a blessing.

From next time if any of your friends are planning to visit the mountains make sure to get one Tibetian prayer flag for yourself. And if you visit the mountains do buy it and gift your family and friends. Spread the spirit of positivity with the Tibetan prayer flag.

Image Credits: @Lokka.payra

Author: Nupur Choudhury

Bio: A quintessential Bengali, currently living in Bengaluru. She is a Hotel Management Graduate with past experience in Sales and Digital Marketing. A food enthusiast, who loves to cook and bake too. Currently writing travel blogs for Tripclap.
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