The city is home of 21 million people, making it one of the largest cities in the world, and natural harbour on the west coast of India, and is the capital city of Maharashtra state.  Because of this, Mumbai is the perfect place to start out on a beautiful trip.
If you are all about visiting the iconic places in Mumbai, make sure that you do not miss the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, the Gateway of India, Marine Drive, and Juhu Beach but along with these the 8 beautiful places you should not miss to visit near by Mumbai.


 Matheran Perched atop the Western Ghats at an altitude of 2625 feet above sea level Matheran is one of the smallest hill stations in India. It is about 90 km from Mumbai, and 120 km from Pune. It is Asia's only automobile-free hill station.
Matheran to Mumbai: 84.2 KM
How to reach : You can have your own vehicle or Rail services are easily available from Mumbai.
Top places to visit : Panorama Point, Heart Point, Malang Point, One Tree Hill, Luisa Point, Echo Point, Charlotte Lake, Lords Point.
Things to do : Walking, Trekking, Valley Crossing, Horse Riding, Sightseeing, Neral-Matheran toy train ride
Best time to visit : October to May.
Ideal duration : 1 Day.
Package price: 7,000 INR per head.

Matheran Tour Packages


Karjat is a city near Mumbai. Its steep Ulhas Valley is lush in the rainy season, with a full river and waterfalls. Bahiri Cave, overlooking the valley, is a Hindu pilgrimage site. The Kondana Caves are 16 man-made caverns dating from the 1st century B.C. with stupas and statues. They were home to Buddhist monks. It is a fort and rocky area.
Kajrat to Mumbai : 63.8 KM
How to reach : You can have your own vehicle to reach out the place , train services are also available.
Top places to visit : Ulhas Valley, Bhor Ghat, Kondana Caves ,Peth Fort, Kondeshwar temple.
Things to do : Rock Climbing, Trekking, White water Rafting, Waterfall Climbing, Rappelling, Boating, Picnics.
Best time to visit : July to September.
Ideal duration :  1 day.
Package price : 6,000 INR per head.


Alibaug, also known as Alibaug, is a coastal town, just south of Mumbai. It’s known for its beaches like Alibag Beach and Varsoli Beach.It is a famous beach destination with traces of ancient history in it and includes a lighthouse. The island fort of Janjira has high walls, turrets and cannons .Perfect weekend getaway for outdoor activities.
Alibaug from Mumbai: 95 KM.
How to reach : The closest rail link to Alibaug is Panvel, which is accessible local train ,you can also have a boat ride from Mumbai to Alibaug.
Top places to visit : Vikram Vinayak Temple, Alibag Fort,  Kaneshwar Mandir, Hirakot Fort,  Kankneshwar Temple, Kolaba Fort, Korlai Fort, Murud Janjira,  Underi.
Beaches near to it : Varsoli Beach, Kihim Beach ,Akshi Beach, Nagaon Beach
Things to do : Water sports, Bird watching in the Phansad Sanctuary.
Best time to visit : October to July.
Ideal duration : 2 Days.
Package price : 6,000 INR .
Resorts and Cottages are easily available in Alibaug.


Situated about 80 kms from Mumbai, Vikramgad is one of the popular weekend getaways from Mumbai. It is a small village in the Thane District and serves as a perfect escape for those looking to spend some time in peace amidst nature. The place has a variety of plants and animals. Tarpa dance and Warli paintings are also most famous.
Vikramgad to Mumbai: 98 KM.
How to reach : You can have a own vehicle or local transport or choose a rail service to reach there.
Top places to visit : Pilucha Dhabdhaba, Jai Vilas Palace.
Things to do : Picnic, trekking, fishing, nature walks
Best time to visit : November to March.
Ideal duration : 1-2 days 
Package price : 5,000 INR per head.


The word Maval is derived from a Marathi word Maval, meaning the direction in which the sun sets. This region is towards the west of Pune area. It is hilly terrain and part of the Sahyadri range/western ghats. Maval is one of the world's highly biodiversified regions.If yes, then Maval is the place to be. It offers night camping options that will give you a soul-stirring experience. This is an off-beat short trip near Mumbai.
Maval to Mumbai : 73Km
How to reach : You can choose your own way of transport.
Top places to visit : Bhaja caves, Anjanvel Agro.
Lakes near to it : Takve Lake.
Things to do : Rafting,Camping,Kayaking.
Beaches near to it :  Tarkali Beach,Talashil Tondavali Beach,Vengurla Malvan Beach ,Achara Beach,Wairy Ubhatwadi Beach.
Best time to visit : October to May.
Ideal duration : 2-3 Day
Package price : 10,500 INR per head.



 Also called the 'Jewel of Sahyadri' and the 'City of Caves', this hill station boasts of a spectacular setting that includes lush green valleys, stunning waterfalls, serene lakes and remarkable caves. The myriad places to visit in Lonavala that include historical sites, natural wonders, religious attractions and many more. It is a perfect one-day trip from Mumbai .It is one of the best weekend gateaway for couples near Mumbai.
Lonavala to Mumbai : 93 KM.
How to reach : You can easily take a taxi or own vehicle from mumabi and rail services are also available from mumbai.
Top places to visit : Duke’s Nose, Korigad Fort, Tiger’s Leap, Lohagad, Karla & Bhaja Caves, Bushy Dam, Bedsa Caves.
Things to do : Camping ,Trekking and many more fun activities.
Lakes near to it : Pavna Lake, Tungarli Lake, and Lonavala Lake.
Best time to visit : October to May.
Ideal duration : 2-3 Days.
Package price : 8,000 INR per head.
There are many resorts near by it.


Nestled amidst the Sahyadri ranges, Durshet is a town settled between Mumbai and Pune. The area is surrounded by hillocks and plateaus with rivers and waterfalls decorating the premises. This accustoms the travelers with an aura of rejuvenation and wanderlust.
where you can spend time with your loved ones amidst stunning natural surroundings. It’s a small town sitting snugly on the banks of the Amba River over the Sahyadri ranges of Maharashtra. 
Mumbai to Durshet : 76 Km
How to reach : Kohopoli railway station is one of the nearest railway station ,you can also have your own vehicle to reach there ,the road services are the best.
Top places to visit : Ganesh Temple ,Amba river.
Things to do :  River rafting, trekking, hiking, kayaking
River near to it : Amba river.
Best time to visit : September to February
Ideal duration : 2 days
Package price : 4,000 INR. 


Karnala Bird Sanctuary Situated on the Mumbai-Goa highway, Karnala Bird Sanctuary is a lovely weekend getaway for the Mumbaikars. There are a total of 134 species and 37 types of avian migrants are seen here. It’s a charming picnic spot and ideal for trekking which makes it one of the best weekend holiday destinations near Mumbai.
Sanctuary to Mumbai : 60 KM.
How to reach : You can have a railway service or choose your own vehicle.
Top places to visit : Karnala Bird sanctuary ,Karnala Fort.
Things to do : Trekking, Bird Watching, Picnic, Walking amidst the Rose Garden, Visit the Botanical Garden.
Best time to visit : October to April.
Ideal duration : 1 day.
Package :1000 INR per head. 

Author: Aanchal Shah

Bio: Aanchal is a student of Computer Science in Bangalore.Apart from being a technlogy enthusiast, she is passionate about literature and has had amazing experiences working with established organisations.She is thrilled to be a part of TripClap.
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