Ultimate 6 Days Travel Itinerary of SINGAPORE

Ultimate 6 Days Travel Itinerary of SINGAPORE


Days required to cover: Our package was for 6 days and 5 nights.Depends on each one's convienience
Ideal time to visit: December to June
How to reach: By air,there are a number of direct flights to Singapore from all major cities like Chennai,Bangalore,Mumbai ,Delhi,Kolkata etc
Places to visit: Singapore Flyer,Singapore Zoo,Sentosa Island,Siloso beach,Chinesetown,Buddhist temples,Merlion Park,Gardens by the bay,Marina Bay Sands and museums
Hotels to stay:Marina Bay Sand is a luxurious hotel.Indians can prefer hotels around Little India so that you can taste a lot of street food flavours of India in that area.We stayed in Ramada hotel which is also a good one.

If you are a travel person then Singapore should top the list of your must watch places.I am from Trichy,Tamil Nadu and I planned a family trip from India to Singapore with my husband and my 5 year old daughter.We chose the places of attraction such  that it would entertain our daughter the most.We wanted the trip to be a well organised one so we booked the hotel room and all the tickets and passes to the places we were going to visit, well in advance to avoid later confusions.
We went in the month of December because December to June is the ideal month to visit the country.The cheapest months to visit the country is from July to August when the hotel rooms and flight fares are cheap.
We booked our flight tickets a few months earlier in the Scoot Airways.There are many direct flights from India to Singapore which you can choose as per your convenience.We did all our bookings through Lakshmi Travel Agency in Trichy which had a link with the  United Travels and tours Pte Ltd  - a local travel agency of Singapore.You can also book your trips through other online travel sites like Tripclap.com,MakeMyTrip.com etc, where the whole package is taken care of by them while you sit and relax.
We boarded the flight at 1.30 am on the 5th of December and landed in Singapore by 6.00am.We were greeted by the travel agency executive with placards at the Changi airport.He explained to us about our tour details and handed over all the passes and tickets along with emergency phone numbers and taxi driver’s numbers.We then took a taxi to our hotel.We wanted to book a hotel near an area called Little India which was famous for all types of Indian cuisine but unfortunately all the hotels were full so we booked our room in the Ramada by  Wyndham hotel in the Ah hood road. 


We reached the hotel by 9.00am.After all the check-in formalities we had a good sleep.As our scheduled visit was only at 6 in the evening we had ample time to eat and relax.The Ramada hotel is a 4-star hotel.The rooms were very good and the hotel had a pool,gym and a shopping mall.It had a Seven Eleven store at the entrance.The store had all essential things that a traveller would need and it also had packed food such as cup noodles,pizzas,chicken rolls and wraps which you can grab, heat it in the oven and have it instantly.The mall behind the hotel is called the Zhongshan mall.Each room had a smart phone with a local sim and you can make local calls or std calls during your stay and you could also take it out with you to view maps and directions to tourist places without causing any damage to it.This is a good facility for those who did not have an enabled roaming facility on their phones.
That day evening we visited the Singapore zoo for the Night Safari.You can also visit the zoo in the daytime or opt for a River Safari.The taxi picked us at sharp 6pm and we were dropped at the zoo.We took our night Safari tickets with us.We were taken in a tram around the zoo to watch the night habits of the different animals.It was a beautiful experience.My daughter enjoyed watching the tigers,the Asian elephants , the bears and other animals.It was totally safe as there was a water path with a wall boundary separating the animals and our tram.After we finished watching the animals we took a look at the shops around and then we took a taxi to the hotel.

Places to visit in Singapore


We got ready by 8.30 am and had our complimentary breakfast at the hotel.There were a variety of food items such as bread omelette, boiled egg, chicken noodles, waffles, chicken and pork hotdogs ,porridge, juice, beverages ,potato nuggets,baked deserts and a few South Indian food like idly, sambar and Upma.I tasted a little of each and it was good indeed.

Places to visit in Singapore


The taxi arrived at 9 am.We were asked to follow the timings strictly and in case we were late we had to arrange our own means to reach the destination .We left by 9 am to the Singapore flyer.We were dropped at the entrance and we took the escalator up to the flyer.It was like a huge giant wheel and I was very excited.After checking our tickets ,we were allowed in along with other tourists to board our capsule.We carefully entered in with 3 other passengers and the doors shut automatically.
The view from the capsule was breathtaking.The capsule kept moving very slowly and as we got to the top of the flyer we could get the entire view of the city.If you are a couple spending honeymoon in Singapore then you can also plan a romantic dinner with your partner in the capsule.
We could see the ports with ships on one side and the Marina Bay Sands(MBS) on the other side and it was beautiful.It took us 30mins to finish one rotation after which we went to the Marina Bay Sands sky park which was at a walkable distance.

Places to visit in Singapore


The MBS is a luxurious hotel with a lot of shopping malls and a  rooftop pool and restaurant.We entered the building and we were taken directly to the 56th floor of the building which was the Sky Park. It was basically a place where we can take selfies and get a glimpse of  the entire city from a building so high! The roof top restaurant and the pool was opened only for the travellers who stayed in their hotel however there were other shops and eatables opened to other tourists.It was afternoon by then so we had our lunch at the Sky park.

Places to visit in Singapore


The next place we visited was the conservatory complex of the Gardens by the bay which included the Cloud forest and the Flower Dome.The gardens by the bay was also at a walkable distance from the MBS.It was a very beautiful garden.We walked through the huge garden to reach the cloud forest.I was totally shocked when I entered the cloud forest.There was a huge mountain replica with an indoor waterfalls from the top of the mountain.This was housed within a dome shaped building.It was very chill inside probably because of the waterfalls.The mountain itself was planted with orchid and ferns and many other unique variety of plants.You can walk around the mountain through a safe spiral pathway and take a look at the different plants and greenery.By the time we reached there,it was evening and the place was lit with garden lights.The flowers looked so colourful with the lights on them and it was a different experience.I enjoyed the whole journey up till the top of the structure.This was the best tourist spot in Singapore and it was the best place to take photos.

Places to visit in Singapore

Then we went to the Flower Dome.It was also a dome shaped building with a variety of flowers.It was lovely to see the colourful flowers and orchid.You can also visit the Supertree grove which are tall tree like structure with a vertical garden and many  other gardens around as the gardens by the bay is a huge garden of about 250 acres.
We were so tired so we decided to order dinner at our hotel room.We called the taxi and we were dropped at the hotel by 9pm.

Places to visit in Singapore


On the third day,we had our breakfast and was ready for our city tour.We ,along with other tourists who stayed in various hotels were taken around the city in a bus.In the bus,the guide explained to us the history and economy of Singapore and the advantages of being a Singapore citizen.

Places to visit in Singapore


           We first visited the Merlion park which had a statue of the Merlion overlooking the Singapore river.The Merlion had a head of a lion and the body of a mermaid.This was an iconic place where one cannot leave without taking photos.We then went around the place and did some shopping.

Places to visit in Singapore

This is a Chinese temple located in the central Chinatown.It was more like an ancient Chinese building painted in red.We went around and offered our prayers.
One of the main tourist attractions in Singapore is the Sentosa Island.The marine park in the island was divided into two parks namely S.E.A Aquarium and the Adventure cove water park.
The south east Asia(S.E.A) aquarium is a large aquarium with a variety of marine fish ,crab ,dolphins, jellyfish and sharks.It was a place surrounded by aquariums with a number of fish moving around us and above us.It was a pleasant treat to the eyes to watch so many varieties of sea creatures in one place.
On our way back to the hotel we were taken to a famous chocolate store  where we bought chocolates for our friends and family.We also bought some gift items and souvenirs in the shops around.

Places to visit in Singapore


Then we went to a water theme park located in the Sentosa Island.It had a lot of water slides both for adults and kids.You could either splash in the wave pool or just while your time in the lazy river and we did both.My daughter and I got drenched in water and we enjoyed all the water games.There were games like water maze and some adventure elements specially to entertain children.My daughter was so excited.She was overwhelmed with joy.
We then visited the underground world which was adjacent to the Adventure cove waterpark.This place had a lot of shows with dolphins and seals.They also conducted interactive sessions for the kids and adults like feeding the dolphins and playing with them.You could also dive in with the sharks and there were many aquariums as well.
This is a show that you should never miss in Singapore.This show would be conducted only three times in a day.Our show was scheduled at 7pm so we had to wait to watch the show.We ate our lunch at a North Indian restaurant.We had a lot of time so we went around visiting the shops and other nearby places.  The show was exhibited in an open stadium and it was a beautiful show with splashing water,colourful laser lights and music.It is a mesmerizing show which lasted for about 15 mins.

Places to visit in Singapore


I was eagerly waiting to visit this place.It is a theme park with a lot of fun and entertainment for adults and kids.There were a number of themed rides like Jurassic park,Transformers,Shreik,The Egyptian mummy and small and big roller coaster rides.The boat ride in water through the Jurassic park was very exciting.There were many unexpected surprises like a dinosaur suddenly showing up above us during the ride.The transformers was a 3D ride.My daughter was not allowed for the Egyptian mummy ride as she was too small.I really wanted to try the biggest roller coaster ride so my husband and daughter waited at the entrance and I went in.I was a little nervous to go alone at first but I was made to sit with another tourist girl.The belts were fastened and the ride started slowly.The next I knew was that I was flying so fast in the air and shouting vigorously.The ride lasted only for 2 mins but it was very thrilling.
There were many rides like merry-go-round and coaster trains for children.There were themed zones which was a replica of the Hollywood,New York,Egypt and The lost world.It was like walking amidst the decorated streets of different cities.This is a place of unlimited fun and entertainment especially for kids who would love this place

Places to visit in Singapore


This was the last day of our trip.We wanted to relax and take our time to pack our bags and get ready to leave Singapore.
We had almost covered all the major tourist places in Singapore.There were also other places that we could not visit like the Jurong bird park, Siloso beach ,Botanical garden,Bungee jumping,Buddha temple and few other museums.
The trip on the whole was a very pleasant and joyful experience.It was an awesome lifetime memory for my family to cherish.
We checked out of the hotel and we were all set to bid adieu to Singapore .We reached the airport.We went around visiting all the shops at the airport and finally boarded our flight to India.

Places to visit in Singapore

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