12 Top Weekend Getaways from Jaipur

12 Top Weekend Getaways from Jaipur

The very own 'Pink City' Jaipur, is not only home to numerous palaces, forts, ancient temples, pretty lakes and gardens, or vibrant bazaars but many more exciting places to explore near Jaipur
Less tiring, affordable and time-saving- these weekend getaways are all that you need to escape your hectic routine. Whether you are a history buff, nature and wildlife enthusiast or have a spiritual inclination, these tourist destinations near Jaipur have everything to offer to any kind of visitors. These places are sure to keep up with your expectations of a rejuvenating short trip away from the monotony. 

1. Shekhawati

1. Shekhawati
Shekhawati, a historical retreat in the northeastern part of Rajasthan, is one of the famous tourist destinations for a relaxing weekend around Jaipur. Known for the grand "Havelis" and forts, Shekhawati is an ancient settlement amidst the Thar Desert dating back to even before the 17th Century.
Distance from Jaipur: 114.7 km: 2 hours 3 minutes via NH52
How to Reach: The Jaipur Airport and Jhunjhunu Railhead are the nearest.
Best Time to Visit: The best season to visit Shekhawati is winter. The temperature remains comfortable and is perfect for sightseeing. The best months are October, November, December and March
Hotel Price: 2000 to 3000 per person
Things to do: Enjoy sightseeing around Sikar, Churu and Nawalgarh in Shekhawati with its forts, Havelis, and palaces.

2. Ajmer

2. Ajmer
One of the most important cities of Rajasthan, Ajmer is another obvious famous weekend getaway near Jaipur. Established by a Chauhan ruler and being the capital of the Chauhan Kingdom in the 12th Century CE, Ajmer has gained prominence as a heritage city of great historic relevance. 
Distance from Jaipur: 136.5 km: 2 hours 32 minutes via NH48
How To Reach: The Jaipur Airport is the closest, whereas the Jaipur Railway Station is connected to all major cities. 
Best Time to Visit: The best period to visit this place is from October to February mainly due to pleasant wintry weather. 
Hotel Price: 6000 to 8000 per person
Things to do: While in Ajmer visit the holy Ajmer Sharif, Adhai Din ka Jhopra Mosque, and Nareli Jain Temple.

Places to visit in Ajmer

  • Abdulla Khans Tomb
  • Adhai Din Ka Jhopra
  • Akbars Palace And Museum
  • Ana Sagar Lake
  • Clock Tower
  • Dargah Sharif
  • Durga Bagh Gardens
  • Kishangarh City
  • Nareli Jain Temple
  • Roopangarh Fort
  • Soniji Ki Nasiyan
  • Taragarh Fort Bundi

3. Alwar

3. Alwar
Alwar is an important city in the NCR region, best known as a tourist attraction with visitors from all over India and the world. The king of Almer founded the city of Alpur in 1106 which ultimately came to be known as modern-day Alwar.
Distance from Jaipur: 147.8 km: 3 hours 15 minutes via NH48 and Alwar - Jaipur Road
How to Reach: The nearest Sanganer Airport and Jaipur Railway Station can be used for commuting. 
Best Time to Visit: The best season to visit Alwar is the winter season, months from October to December and February. 
Hotel Price: 3000 to 5000 per person
Things to do: Visiting Bala Quila Fort, Bhangarh Fort and Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary in Alwar.

Places to visit in Alwar

  • Baazaza Bazar
  • Bala Quila Fort
  • Bhangarh Fort
  • Churi Market
  • City Palace
  • Company Bagh
  • Jai Pol
  • Malakhera Bazar
  • Moosi Maharani Ki Chhatri
  • Moti Dungri
  • Naldeshwar Shrine
  • Neelkanth Mahadeo Temple
  • Pandu Pol
  • Sarafa Bazar
  • Sariska Palace
  • Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Siliserh Lake Palace
  • Vijay Mandir Palace

4. Ranthambore National Park

4. Ranthambore National Park
Situated in the Sawai Madhopur District of Rajasthan, Ranthambore is one of the vastest national parks in northern India. Being one of the biggest tiger reserves, there's wide proximity of one spotting a tiger going there. The rich flora and fauna of Ranthambore makes it a must-visit place for wildlife photographers and is perfect for excursions. This tiger reserve is often counted as one of the most popular weekend destinations around Jaipur.
Distance from Jaipur: 189.9 km: 3 hours 25 minutes via Jaipur - Kota Rd and NH552
How to Reach: The easiest way to reach is through the Sawai Madhopur Railway Station and Jaipur Airport.
Best Time to Visit: The best time to go to Ranthambore for wildlife watching is just before the rains, i.e. from April to June
Hotel Price: 5000 to 7000 per person
Things to do: Enjoy animal sightings with the safari trip into the park looking for the tiger sighting.

Places to visit in Ranthambore

  • Ganesh Trinetra Temple
  • Kacheeda Valley
  • Ranthambhore Fort
  • Ranthambore National Park

5. Jhunjhunu

5. Jhunjhunu
Jhunjhunu is a widely popular city in Rajasthan, known for its brilliant folk panoramas amidst many of the Havelis and forts. Khetri Mahal in Jhunjhunu is one of the most popular attractions and has been a source of inspiration for the structure of Hawa Mahal in Jaipur. 
Distance from Jaipur: 180 km: 3 hours 12 minutes via NH52 and Jaipur - Jhunjhunu Bypass Rd/ Loharu - Sikar Rd
How to Reach: Sanganer Airport and Jhunjhunu Railhead are the nearest. 
Best Time to Visit: October to March are the best months to visit Jhunjhunu are the weather is most favourable and pleasant
Hotel Price: 2000 to 4000 per person
Things to do: Visiting Khetri Palace and Rani Sati Temple while in Jhunjhunu.

6. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

6. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is a famous bird sanctuary that hosts thousands of birds with the onsets of winters. Over 350 species of birds come here from around the globe to be a resident. It is also declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. Every year thousands of migratory birds visit the park for wintering and breeding. Also if we look on to the history, Bharatpur was one place that failed to be captured by the British, giving remnants of its glorious past and strong foundation. 
Distance from Jaipur: 182.8 km: 3 hours 5 minutes via NH21
How to Reach: The Bharatpur Railway Station and Jaipur International Airport are the closest. One can take cabs or buses to travel further. 
Best Time to Visit: Although Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is open around the year, the best months to visit are from August to November to witness resident birds and October to February to get sight of migratory birds.
Hotel Price: 2000 to 4000 per person
Things to do: Trip to Bharatpur National Park, Lohagarh Fort and Banke Bihari Temple.

Places to visit in Bharatpur

  • Banke Bihari Temple
  • Bharatpur National Park
  • Ganga Mandir
  • Laxman Temple
  • Lohagarh Fort

7. Mathura

7. Mathura
Mathura, believed to be the birthplace of Lord Krishna, is a city of utmost heritage and cultural relevance. Due to Jaipur's proximity and its religious significance, Mathura ranks the topmost among weekend spots near Jaipur. The grad palace-like temple happens to be a destination of pure tranquillity and peace. 
Distance from Jaipur: 222.2 km: 4 hours 5 minutes via NH21
How to Reach: The nearest Kheria Airport (49 km) or Delhi Airport and Mathura Railway Junction can be taken for travel.
Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit Mathura is from October to November due to the scenic views and pleasant climate
Hotel Price: 3000 to 5000 per person
Things to do: Exploring the historical significance by visiting Govardhan Hill and Sri Krishna Janambhoomi Temple Complex

Places to visit in Mathura

  • Dwarkadheesh Temple
  • Ghats
  • Gita Mandir
  • Govardhan Hill
  • Jama Masjid
  • Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple Complex

8. Kota

8. Kota
One must be familiar with Kota for the highly prestigious educational institutions, but this place has much more to offer than that. Like many other major attractions of Rajasthan, Kota is also abundant with ancient monuments, fort ruins, palaces, temples, gardens and much more. One can easily plan a weekend trip from Jaipur to Kota as it is just some hours' drive away. 
Distance from Jaipur: 251.4 km: 4 hours 23 minutes via NH52
How to Reach: The Sanganer Airport (245 km) and Jaipur Railway Station are the nearest. One can opt for cabs or buses as well.
Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit Kota is between October to March as the climate is mildly pleasant
Hotel Price: 3000 to 5000 per person
Things to do: Visiting Kishore Sagar and Jagmandir Palace, Seven Wonder Park, and Kota Barrage.

Places to visit in Kota

  • Chambal Gardens
  • City Palace
  • Garardia Mahadev
  • Kaithoon
  • Khade Ganesh Ji Temple
  • Kishore Sagar And Jagmandir Palace
  • Kota Barrage
  • Seven Wonders Park

9. Jodhpur

9. Jodhpur
Jodhpur used to be the capital of the Kingdom of Marwar, which is now a part of Rajasthan. It is situated on the northwest corner of the Luni River on fertile land with high sandhills. Jodhpur is a famous tourist spot and is home to many palaces, temples, forts, Havelis set in the stark landscape of Thar Desert. It is also popularly known as the Blue City. 
Distance from Jaipur: 353.3 km: 5 hours 54 minutes via NH48
How to Reach: Jodhpur has its own airport as well as a railway station. Buses and taxis also commute between different cities regularly
Best Time to Visit: October to March is the best time to visit Jodhpur as the climate is very pleasant.
Hotel Price: 2000 to 3000 per person
Things to do: Desert Safari, Flying fox, sightseeing, exploring temples and forts.

Places to visit in Jodhpur

  • Balsamand Lake
  • Jaswant Tada
  • Khejarla Fort
  • Mahamandir Temple
  • Mandore Garden
  • Mehrangarh Fort
  • Rajasthan International Folk Festival
  • Umaid Bhawan Palace

10. Mount Abu

10. Mount Abu
Mount Abu is a serene hill station situated amidst the Aravalli Range in Pindwara- Abu constituency of the Sirohi district in Rajasthan. It is loaded with a bunch of natural scenic landscapes, monuments, picturesque lakes and rich flora and fauna. All of this makes Mount Abu a must-visit weekend retreat from Jaipur.  
Distance from Jaipur: 495.4 km: 8 hours 28 minutes via Beawar - Pindwara Rd
How to Reach: The nearest airport is located in Udaipur, 210 km away while the nearest railway station is located 28 km away. Cabs and buses are used for commuting as well
Best Time to Visit: November to February is the best time to visit Mount Abu as it is the peak tourist season
Hotel Price: 2000 to 5000 per person
Things to do: Boating at Nakki Lake, Trekking, Wildlife safari, Adventure activities

11. Bikaner

11. Bikaner
Bikaner is a tourist attraction set within the golden dunes of Rajasthan. It is situated around the northeast down to the southern area in Rajasthan. It displays the charm and ethnicity in the form of ancient forts, palaces and Havelis, built of red sandstone depicting the ancient glories. The city is also famous for its camel rides and has popularly been known as 'camel country'.
Distance from Jaipur: 334.4 km: 5 hours 36 minutes via NH52 and NH11
How to Reach: Jodhpur Airport is the nearest to Bikaner, 251 km away whereas Bikaner has 2 railheads, Bikaner Junction and Lalgarh Railway station, 6 km away from each other. 
Best Time to Visit: Winter season, from October to March is the best time to visit Bikaner. 
Expenditure: 8000 to 10000 per person
Things to do: Camel ride, sightseeing, vising forts and palaces.

Places to visit in Bikaner

  • Bhandasar Jain Temple
  • Camel Festival
  • Desert Safari
  • Devi Kund
  • Gajner Palace
  • Junagarh Fort
  • Karni Mata Temple
  • Kote Gate
  • Lalgarh Palace
  • Laxmi Nath Temple
  • National Reserch Centre On Camel
  • Rampuriya Haveli
  • Shiv Bari Temple
  • Station Road

12. Pushkar

12. Pushkar
Pushkar is one of the oldest cities in India. Located in the northwest corner of Ajmer, Pushkar's tranquil beauty, scenic views. and mythological history makes it a weekend retreat for tourists from Jaipur. Also known as 'the rose garden of Rajasthan', the famous Pushkar rose is a signature souvenir of this place, and is exported all over the world. 
Distance from Jaipur: 150.4 km: 2 hours 55 minutes via NH48
How to Reach: The nearest Airport, Sanganer Airport, 150 km away and Ajmer Railway station are connected well to Pushkar via buses and cabs. 
Best Time to Visit: The best months to visit Pushkar are from October to March as the weather is pleasant.
Hotel Price: 2000 to 4000 per person
Things to do: Hot Air Balloon, boating on Pushkar Lake, Watch the evening Aarti, sightseeing.

Places to visit in Pushkar

  • Apteshwar Temple
  • Brahma Temple
  • Merta City
  • Pushkar Cattle Fair
  • Pushkar Lake
  • Rangji Temple
  • Savitri Temple
  • Singh Sabha Gurudwara
  • Varaha Temple

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